Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Favorite Beer

OK, technically I never actually drank the beer . . . but I decided that it’s now my favorite . . . based purely on, what else?? The marketing!!! Yes, I’m a sucker for marketing.

My coworker just walked into my office and said, “I was having a beer last night and I thought of you!” Hmmmm, that’s not something I hear every day. Nothing about me reminds people of beer. Then he hands me the bottle cap. Now you will understand.

So I decided that I need to go and get myself some of this Magic Hat beer. Just for the thrill of seeing what’s under the cap. It’s like fortune cookie beer. Love it.

If you don’t hear from me in awhile it’s probably ‘cause I got carried away with the caps and I’m passed out in some alley!


lgaumond said...

Are you kidding me? Have you never had Magic Hat??? Where have you been lady?

Everything about their marketing is awesome. Visit their website. It's a Flash wonderland.

No. 9 used to be my favorite Magic Hat brew but I'm quite partial to the Circus Boy these days. Mmm... beer.

Anonymous said...

Magic Hat No. 9 is Jim's favorite.
I'm more partial to fruit flavored beers that don't taste like beer.I recently had a great apple beer (not cider), it was yummy!

Unknown said...

Hmmmm, who knew that my girlfriends are beer-addicts? Lisa sounds like Homer Simpson. This is scary! But now I really can't wait to try this beer . . .

Jamie said...

Blind Faith has always been a favorite of mine..

but then again, I like to stick to the good 'ol Guinness - you can never go wrong with Guinness!

Give me a minute, I'll post some of my fav Guinness marketing ads :)